4 Aug 2009

Interview with Routa and Tundra

Author unknown, from April 11th 2007.
Source unknown, a video interview in Finnish, transcripted and translated by Zarok.
Published on the old Finntroll Forum.

(Interviewer marked as I, Routa R and Tundra T).

I: Ur Jordens Djup is 34th on the list. How does that sound like?

T: Should I cry again?

R: It’s good that it made it on the list.

I: Yeah, it’s on the list and you can always push forward from that, people are sure to find it there.

I: Our guests today are Tundra and Routa (Interviewer had the guys backwards). This name Ur Jordens Djup sounds really nice, it’s a good Swedish pronounciation drill. Do you have some kinda test on how often can you say the name quickly within the band?

R: Heh, I’ll leave talking Swedish to our singer Vreth.

I: Where does lyrics in Swedish come from for the band anyways? As far as I know you have a singer that debuts on this album and he speaks Swedish, but where did the Swedish lyrics originally come from?

T: It was our first vocalist who started the whole band and wanted to sing in his native language which happened to be Swedish, just because of that.

I: Well, you’ve had some singer changes in the band, so is it hard to find someone who can sing this style of music in Swedish?

R: When Wilska left the band, or our paths went our separate ways so to say, it felt like goddamnit, we’ll never find a singer to replace him.

I: Yeah, so how did the process of finding the singer go? Did you ask friends or did you do some big audition like Nightwish?

T: *chuckles* Yeah we aimed for this Idols-theme with country-wide searches but well, that didn’t exactly pan out in these circles…

I: Put guys who are good looking as hell in a line with the main criteria being how do you look, huh?

T: Exactly!

R: There were a few pretty nice demos sent to Spine, but we never really got around to listening to them there.

I: So , why did you choose Vreth? He’s Swedish-speaking obviously, but what other criterias were there?

R: Sounds good as hell. He came to our practise room after Katla, our first singer said there’s this guy in Uusikaarlepyy ( Katla’s home town if I remember right) , and so we asked him for a practise session and he sounded fucking amazing straight outta the gate so, why waste time on useless shit.

I: So, what kind of band initiation rites were there? I’m sure you pulled some pranks on the new guy, right?

R: Not really pranks, but the first gig was in germany in front of 5000+ people, so he was a bit nervous, heheh.

I: Starting off in the bathroom with a locked door yelling “I’m not coming!”, heh. So, now that Ur Jordens Djup has been released, how deep do you go lyrically? What is the album about?

T: Well, this is this sort of a shamanistic baptism-by-fire, birth story so to say. I’m not gonna go any deeper into this tho, as the lyrics are by our original vocalist Katla and they are pretty hard to figure out, so whip out your Nya Vindar and start translating!

I: Yeah, Swedish teachers should take some of your material for their classes as study material!

T: Now we’ll just wait for the money to roll in!

I: Yeah, that would be nice. Nya Vindar + atleast one song of Finntroll, they already have Hasse och Het Potatis so why not Finntroll, that would be pretty great. But so, you leave for a tour on Friday, it starts in Nottingham, England, then Europe, USA and Japan, all around the world. What do you expect from this tour?

T: Headaches.

R: Headaches and interesting moments, to put it mildly.

I: Allright. So, Ur Jordens Djup is in 34th place which is very nice, and you Tundra made… Sorry, Routa made a video for it, so what is the video about?

R: It’s this kind of a shamanistic birth story like the whole album, the lyrics are pretty much about rebirth and such.

I: National romantic themes it seems, that’s always nice when a girl is dragged through the woods, so here’s the video Nedgång!


I: So, that was Finntroll with Nedgång. Where was the video filmed at ?

R: The outdoor images were filmed at Musta vuori (Svartberg, black mountain, heh), which is near Vuosaari, and the rest were filmed in a studio.

I: Yeah, nice looking and a very on-topic video. Now that you’ve made Finntroll music for 10 years and you’ve obviously had a lot of great moments and some set backs too, singer changes and so on, what would you say is Finntroll’s main goal for the upcoming year?

R: That’s a tough one. Surviving and staying sane?

I: Spreading the message of Finntroll around the world?

R: Yeah, something like that.

I: So boys, now you have a national historic crossbow aimed at you and it’s revolver-question time! That means tough questions and answer as quickly and spontaneously as you can.

I: What inspires Finntroll?

T: Cow turds.

R: Madness.

I: What would you rescue from a burning church….err, home?

T: Spoons.

R: The cat.

I: Who would you want to go to the sauna with?

T: Samantha Foxx

I: No explanation needed, huh…

R: Goddamn… That’s a tough one… Shakira.

I: Finntroll gets a new member. What would you call him? You can’t use any of the old names.

T: Ronald Reagan!

R: (couldn’t really hear what he said) Tittelituura (or something like that).

I: Fill in the blank. The most important thing in Viking black metal is….

T: Wolf!

R: And the “tättärätää”

I: What other band would you want to go to the sauna with?

T: What are there… *silence*…

I: Ok, moving on. What is the most memorable place you have performed at?

T: I was going to say Tokyo, but we haven’t been there yet.

R: Almost Tokyo.

T: Moscow.

I: If you were comic book super heroes, who would you be and why?

T: Spider-man, because he can shoot web out of his ass.

R: Fantom, cause he has the coolest wolf.

I: Where is Finntroll in 10 years?

T: Six feet under.

R: Dead and buried.

I: Allright, thank you for coming to the show.