9 Dec 2009

D-Drive с Антоном DragonT Павленко - Finntroll Interview Translation

Translation by Lotta, originally posted on the Finntroll forum.

Finntroll's main characteristic is synthesis of incompatible things like conceptual black metal and plain humor of humppa
2.58 hello, we are very happy to see you in Ukraine. tell us please about your impressions of our country
3.05 Mathias did not have time to acquainted (i think it's totally wrong word here, but i can't find better one XD) Ukraine today, but he saw much in his last visit at this summer
3.17 he was impressed by ukrainian public, they're very energetic
3.39: can you tell what was happened in that day this summer, when you were must to play on pro-rock festival?
3.46: Mathias doesn't actually knows which reason was of concert cancellation, but it seems financial reason
3.53: but decided find the way to go out from this situation and to play somehow, if they come in Ukraine. it's sad, but not everybody could go in then
4.09 and it was very interesting to play with Rotting Christ
4.34: Mathias, tell us please about unusual combination: you've played with Rotting Christ on one stage. which more bands (which playing another music compare to Finntroll) you've played with on one stage?
4.48:in Mexico for example with Celtic Frost
4.52: in 2008 on fest with Belphegor
5.00 (can't understand what they saying.. probably about the year - 2007, not 2008)
5.26 in press many finnish bands say that it's cool to tour and spend the time with Finntroll. and who for you are most comfortable to tour with?
5.42 last time was very interesting to tour with Eluveitie. Last summer european tour was good and mostly all was good with Eluveitie. And likely next summer tour will be with them too. Especially Finntroll's and Eluveitie's new albums will be released simultaneously
6.21 in which country public reaction was closest personally to you?
6.25 in Mathias' opinion is Holland, Belgium. Especially memorable gigs in east europe, because there public just 'tear the roof'
6.41 tell us please about your creativity before Finntroll?
6.45 before Finntroll Mathias doesn't work in big bands, but basically he was interested in metal music and enjoyed little vocal black death bands which was created by himself since he was 6 years old
7.20 do you have any work besides music, and if yes what is it? do you have another profession, another occupation?
7.26 he's occupation is a sound engeneer, and he works on one studio in west Finland. when work in Finntroll needs not so much time, he can move to east Finland and work as sound engeneer there
7.47 do you have any hobbies besides music?
7.50 making music needs much time. sometimes trying to go to the swimming pool
8.05 tell us please which music do you listen right now? maybe there is some last album, which surprised you, you've listened to it and said "wow!"?
8.13 last time he opened for himself one british progressive band named Frost
8.20 i wish you good luck on the concert, i think it will be great!