24 Oct 2009

Interview with Trollhorn

September 2002
From Rabenkind's Finntroll Fanpage
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Rabenkind (RK) : What are your (current) favorite albums ??

Trollhorn (TH) : The albums I have been listening most recently and enjoyed them very much in numerous ways are Marduk´s “Dark Endless”,Thyrfing´s “Vansinnesvisor”,Dargaard´s “In Nomine Aeternitatis” and The Nightmare Before Christmas-soundtrack by Danny Elfman. Also some Ultima Thule.

RK : What have been your "first steps" in music ?? Your first band ??

TH : My first steps in music were taken I the day I was born,as my dad was a professional musician and from the day one I had passionate interest on music. However,my parents also noticed that and so just before I had my 4th birthday they put me into classical piano lessons.My first band was formed in the mid/late 80´s with my dad and a couple of his friends and played jazz. My first real metalband was formed in 1991 with my schoolmates. It was called Battery and we played Thrash,heh.

RK : What has been the first album you ever bought ??

TH : Wow…this is a bad one! I think it was an Elvis-tape when I was something like 8 years old. For some reason I used to like Elvis then. :)

RK : What has been your first concert (as a visitor) ??

TH : The same question was asked from me a couple of days ago and I had to confess then that I have no single clue.I think it was some of my dad´s gigs somewhere in Finland when I was a baby.

RK: What do you think about the German metal-scene?? Do you know any bands from Germany??

TH : You have couple of very good bands like Falkenbach (well is it even German? I think so.), Dew-Scented,Morgoth (well,not the newer stuff…),Sodom,Kreator,Viu Drach and a couple of others. I really don´t keep my attention on the German scene as nowadays most of the “blacker” bands have very precisely ruined the reputation of your entire scene in my mouth. Bands like Mystic Circle or Nargaroth should really consider of changing their little hobbies for photographing or something in my opinion. If you don´t agree, just prove me wrong!

RK : You are using quite many "folkish" elements in your music?? Are you listening to that kind of music, too ?? Any favorite bands from that genre (folk / folk-rock)??

TH : YES WE DO!!! My faves are Garmarna,Nordman,Gjallarhorn,Annbjörg Lien, Battlefield Band, Wimme,Hedningarna,Mari Boine,JPP,Pekka Pohjola (not so traditional stuff) and many others.

RK : Are there any great "Folk-Festivals" in Finland / Scandinavia ??

TH : Actually I haven´t got a single clue about any other festivals in Scandinavia,but at least in Finland we have “Kaustisen Kansanmusiikkijuhlat” in every summer. I have never visited there as I am not into festivals in general so much,but I can warmly recommend it to everyone who likes folkmusic and it´s different forms!

RK : Some of your songs and lyrics seem to be inspired by all those ancient tales about trolls and things like that ... do you believe in the existence of such creatures ??

TH : I really don´t know….sometimes I tend to think there are some creatures of the old tales existing,lurking in the remaining big forests and mountains….but as I haven´t ever seen one how the fuck am I supposed to know any-thing? :) Maybe the industrializing forced them to flee so we haven´t seen them for a couple ofgenerations? In Finland we have very long traditions about those creatures and as our people is still very superstitious (and some kind of “still-Heathen”) I think I have to say “yes” as my final answer.

RK : On your last album with Finntroll you also recorded one traditional folk-song ("Vargtimmen") in a very cool (Black)Metal-version ... could you imagine to use some more traditional songs for your upcoming releases ?? Maybe even record a whole album with traditional folk-songs ??

TH : Actually I don´t think Finntroll is going to do more cover-songs,but there has been certain talk of an acoustic mini cd….we´ll see.

RK : Even though you're using quite many elements from that genre with Finntroll, it seemes that you don't take the whole "evil BlackMetal-thing" too serious ... how important is the image of a band in your opinion ??

TH :It depends. We are not a Black Metal-band in the “traditional” sense of a word,so naturally we don´t take it seriously,but I understand what you mean by the question. We have always had this tongue-in-cheek type of thing with Finntroll,and the music is also done in the same way. (well,of course I don´t say we´re just just farting around in the rehearsals, but we include a bit more “daring” and “out-of-place” things in our music than a normal BM-band,heheh…) The image is very important to my but it strongly depends on the artist.

Like,you really wouldn´t want to see Mayhem playing with chickens or drunken skinheads dancing polka on stage but in Finntroll it would most likely be just funny and entertaining. Like they say in television,Image is nothing - thirst is everything. (well…how the Hel had this to do anything with the question…? :)

RK :Beside your work with Finntroll, you also have your own project ("Moonsorrow") ... where would you see the similarities and differences between both bands ??

TH : We both use eg.eletric guitars,which make us sound similar to each other. Also we have drums. Well,I guess you got my point,heh. Seriously,we use folk elements (including certain instruments) with both bands but basically,this is where the similarities end. You will never find a single polka-part from Moonsorrow,no Swedish language,no cheesy Power Metal parts :) or Joik…While Finntroll is fast,Moonsorrow plays mid-tempo.While Finntroll is brutally “joyous”,Moonsorrow is melancholic. And while Finntroll has Trollhorn, Moonsorrow has Henri Urponpoika Sorvali. And because of that,people find odd parallels between these two bands. Maybe we should hear the editor´s opinion on this matter…?

RK : What are your thoughts about religion, christianity and paganism ??

TH :I really could write a book concerning this topic,but as there is only a limited space here I try to shorten things. So,here we go.I think every religion is ok as long as they don´t oppress people to act unnaturally. Which is something eg. Pestianity and Islam do. All that women-stomping bullshit and denying of people´s natural urges,be it sexual or anything else is complete waste of time. Period. For me,the Semitic God (Jahve,Allah,whatever you want to call him) reminds of a certain Austrian/German fellow who used to be pretty popular during the 1930s and early 40s. Later he ended up himself and a couple of other guys in the process,if you know of whom I am talking about ;) I oppose fascism and thus I oppose also the Semitic God and all its likes. Besides, the moral of the abovementioned is nothing I would ever even consider to adopt. Anyway,I think that Gods are supposed to be like us-they all have their good and bad sides. This is something Christianity and other monotheistic religions can never understand. We are not some inferior creatures who have to worship their master in fear,but “friends” of the Gods and Mother Nature. Mutual respect between the race of Gods and the race of men,harmony and balance are the keywords if you ask me. Slave-morality is definitely not something I am used to.Christianity has bloody roots in Scandinavian history,which is very sad and totally unacceptable,and I will never turn to an imported Jewish fascist if I need spiritual guidance. Hell Tor! Hell Oden! Hell Freija!

RK : What are the three most important things in your life ??

TH : My beloved ones,music and my health.

RK : Describe yourself in five (or less) words.

TH :Ambitious,unyielding and short-tempered,I guess.

RK : Who has been the "hero" of your childhood ??

TH : I remember thinking that Paul Stanley must be the toughest guy in the universe,heh. My school books were always full of KISS logos and pictures. Also McGyver was really cool. Yes,and He-Man. (Here we are….it seems that basically my childhood idols have more or less been fictional.I guess that tells a lot of me :)

RK : Your favorite book ??

TH : I don´t know…maybe some David Eddings (yes,I read fantasy every now and then… *blushes*) or Dean R. Koontz. Mostly history and music- related stuff.

RK : If you would get the chance to live your whole life a second time -- are there any "wrong decisions" or "bad mistakes" which you wouldn't do again ??

TH : I think I wouldn´t take so much shit from different persons.You know,in school etc. (yes,I was the “picked” guy for years) Nowadays I have the self-esteem I didn´t have when I was younger and if I could go back in time and give it to “earlier” me,I would most likely to do it. But then again…everything that has happed during my 23 years of living in this planet affects me in one way or another. So,as I am quite comfortable right now,I think I wouldn´t change anything after all.

RK : Name a person (living or dead) which you would like to meet.

TH : My father,absolutely! He died whan I was 10 years old and there is so much I wish I could have learnt from him,both as father and musician. Also Quorthon would be nice to meet…. ;)

RK : Name a musician (living or dead) with whom you would like to play in a band / project.

TH: Well,I suppose it would be fun to thrash some good old stuff with Chris Barnes or Nicke Andersson but as they are both so wasted or just completely into different musicstyles I think it would never happen even if I had the opportunity to do it someday. It would also cool to do something together with Jens Johansson,Johnny Maudling or let´s say……..Nordman,for fuck´s sake!

RK : Do you have any piece of jewellery which has some kind of "special meaning" to you ??

TH : Soon will be one more,as we are right now looking for engagement-rings with my girlfriend.
I also carry Mjöllnir as a sign of my personal faith and heritage.

RK : What is (in your opinion) the "best song" you have ever written ??

TH: Hopefully I haven´t done that one yet! But the musical achievements I consider to be the best I´ve made (until this day) have nothing to do with metal at the end. My deepest ambitions lay in classical music although metal is something I´m known of… The future may change some things.