29 Sep 2013

Trollhorn interview from Beat the Blizzard

Year: 2003
Author: Jan F. Lindsø
We`ll let Trollhorn himself introduce his band:

-Hill og skål! Finntroll was formed in 1998, in order to create some vicious hummpa-styled "black" metal with the concept of trolls fighting, boozing and slaying christians. We have released 2 full-lenght albums (Midnattens Widunder, 1999, Jaktens Tid, 2001) and our third product, a mini-cd (which is actually a bit longer than our first album, hehe) called "Visor om Slutet" is just released! It´s an all-acoustic/folk/experimental album, and I suggest you all to check it out!!!!!
-The trolls combine the best sides of everything!, he answers when I asks him why Finntroll is so fascinated by the trolls; They are mean, hairy, drink a lot, kill priests and molest crusaders, while they live in the darkest woods in harmony with the cruel side of nature. Just like us!
Over to the musical topic, what's your personal favourite Finntroll song?
-Vätteanda, absolutely, he answers without doubting. I´m not so keen of that power metal shit on Jaktens Tid, heh. (yes, I know I wrote many of those riffs, but still.... don´t know what the struck me back then. ;) I also like Kyrkovisan, Blodnatt and Kitteldags for it´s obvious Italian influences, heh.
In March we received the sad news about the loss of Somnium. What happened and how did the loss affect the band?
-Somnium fell from a bridge into the ice while they were coming from a bar with Tundra that night. So futile death, if you ask me. He died later in the morning in hospital on internal bleeding. May he find his meadhorn in the hall of the kinsmen! And of course it affected the band, but life goes on, and I bet my hairy ass off that Somnium would have killed us if we would have stopped playing because of him. We were thinking of quitting when the accident happened, yes, but not anymore. Besides, his parents also insisted us to continue, which was the "final nail into the coffin", if you prefer the saying.
Your band have met a lot of obstacles on your way(Katla`s part and Somniums death). Where do you get the motivation to continue?
-From our love of music, Trollhorn suddenly answers and goes on; We love to do songs and riffs for Finntroll, we have a very good "team spirit" and enjoy working with each other with music and in general, so the motivation is always there. Besides, with this band we have fun with music, fun while drinking, etc... fun almost all the time, which is maybe the greatest motivation of everything.
Mikael Karlbom, which is your stand in guitarist, will he become a fulltime member of Finntroll?
-He already is, as if and when we ever need(ed) the second guitar player, he is the man who has always helped us, if we have needed a session gig-guitarist etc. He is also a very nice fellow and a long-time friend of the band, so there really wasn´t any quarrels about who should we pick up to replace Somnium. And after the European tour with him, I can assure that he has his place now in the band. We just need to make an "official" statement about this when we get rid of our laziness. ;)
What is your favourite moment in Finntroll? Tell us about it...
-Arrrrrrghhhhh...., he exclaims; Too many! And even more of those terrible moments, you know, those which seemed to be the worst situation back then, but now you just laugh at those. I think one of my favourite moments was the making of "Visor om Slutet" in a cabin in forest, or maybe the moment when B.Dominator fell through his drumraiser while playing Jaktens Tid in Portugal. :D
Thanks for the interview Trollhorn! Anything you want to add to the Beat The Blizzard readers?
-Hmm, I think I must quote a standard heating unit: Må ikke tildekkes!!!! Buy Visor om Slutet, visit our homecave at and stay brutal as fuck. Now I need a cigarette!!!!!!! 
Husk slite gummistøvel når det´s regnende, a clever advice from Trollhorn of Finntroll and a good ending of our interview.